Ali Dahesh


I started experimenting with acrylic paintings in 2015 as it was suggested by friends that it would be a great theraputic tool. Art and music have been the main source of meditation in my years and I encourage everyone to tap into their artistic abilities as it is the best avenue for self-healing and self-love, you'll be amazed at how beautfiful life can be when you take control of your own health in all aspects.


If you are interested in any of my previous art peices or interested in custom commissioned pieces, please don't hesitated to send me and email and we can discuss further.


I also have over 15 years of sound engineering background and create instrumentals on a regular. If are in need of beats, mixing, mastering for your music or movie projects, I am capable of giving you a great sound.


For inquiries please email alidaheshmusic@gmail.com. Thank you in advance for your interest.







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